La Chiesa Quartet is available to perform at weddings, receptions, parties, special services and occasions.  The standard fee is $595.00 for up to one and one-half hours.*  Additional time is at the rate of $295.00 per hour.  A $150.00 deposit is required.   The balance is due, in cash, the day of the performance.       

A repertoire list and tape is available for selection of music. Requests for music not listed in the repertoire may incur an additional fee, based on the cost of obtaining the music in an appropriate arrangement.  Extra rehearsals held on a separate date from the day of the event are at the rate of $60.00 per person per hour.  There may be a travel charge for locations out of the Cincinnati area.  Vocalists and additional musicians can be secured by the quartet.

*For a wedding, this allows approximately 30 minutes for prelude, 30 minutes for the ceremony, 30 minutes for the postlude.